Mechanical Engineering Projects

Our TECHNICAL OFFICE is an engineering and drafting studio that offers, within the metal sector, diverse engineering projects.

The qualified professionals in our TECHNICAL OFFICE allow us to offer services ranging from elaborating the technical projects:

- Structures and mechanisms work out
- Designer maps
- Manufacture plans
- Documentation of quality

To manufacturing, supervising and assembling the projects.

- 1 professional with Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
- 2 professionals with Degree in Industrial Engineering
- 1 best qualified draftsman
- 1 responsible of manufacturing, skilled worker
- 1 responsible of assembling, skilled worker

- Work Out: Cosmos. Solidwork. Robot.
- Draft: Solidwork. Autocad

- Metal structure: Buildings/ Towers
- Industrial plants
- Mechanisms for bulk transporting
- Warehouses to store bulk cargo
- Lift  platforms
- Platforms for internal logistic